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Bragantia  2005 

Conserva??o de sementes de maracujá-amarelo: interferências do teor de água das sementes e da temperatura de armazenamento

DOI: 10.1590/S0006-87052005000200015

Keywords: passiflora edulis, seeds, water content, conservation, storage.

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in order to define technological alternatives foward delaying deterioration of passion fruit (passiflora edulis sims f. flavicarpa deg.) seeds during storage, physiological studies were performed through varied seed water content and environmental temperature. the experiments were conducted at the seed analysis laboratory of the escola superior de agricultura luiz de queiroz - usp, from july 2002 through august 2003, with yellow passion fruit seeds produced in mogi mirim/ sp, through random pollination among iac 270 series hybrids. following seed mucilage removal, the initial moisture degree of the lot was determined and the representative sample of the treatment with the highest water content studied (31%) was obtained concurrently; the remaining seeds were dried in an air-circulating oven at 30oc ± 3oc to achieve other treatments regarding the intended water contents (27%, 21%, 17%, 11% and 7%). further, the treatments - corresponding to different moisture levels - were stored in controlled-temperature chambers at 10 oc, 15 oc and 20 oc. previous to storage and 35, 70, 105, 140, 175, 210, 245, 280, 315 and 350 days later, the seeds were submitted to quality assays. the results indicate that the combination between 7% moisture degree and 10oc temperature overcomes the remaining ones, favoring the maintenance of the physiological potential of passiflora edulis sims f. flavicarpa deg. seeds.


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