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Bragantia  1989 

Aduba??o do piment?o em solo organico álico do Vale do Ribeira (SP)

DOI: 10.1590/S0006-87051989000200009

Keywords: pepper, capsicum annuum l., fertilization.

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a trial was carried out at the experimental station of pariquera-a?u, state of s?o paulo, brazil, on an organic soil previously limed, to determine the influence of chemical fertilizers in addition to compost on the yield of pepper cv. agron?mico 10-g. chemical fertilization consisted of 0-0-0, 180-320-240, 360-640-480 and 540-960-720kg/ha of n, p2o5 and k2o. organic fertilization consisted of 20t/ha of compost (basically 90% straw). there was no advantage on the use of organic fertilization alone. chemical fertilization increased yield, number and average weight of fruits. the highest yield of marketable pepper fruits (33.2t/ha) and the best economic returns were obtained at rates of 360-640-480kg/ha of n, p2o5 and k2o.


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