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Bragantia  2010 

Varia??o do teor de carboidratos em genótipos de batata armazenados em diferentes temperaturas

DOI: 10.1590/S0006-87052010000200027

Keywords: solanum tuberosum l., storage, sweetening.

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a major problem into storing potato tubers at low temperature is the sweetening (accumulation of reducing sugars). this accumulation leads to loss of commercial value of tubers when they are processed in the form of "chips". the objective of this study was to evaluate a possible change in carbohydrates levels of tubers. from different genotypes of potatoes before and after storage at 4 oc and 20 oc. the tubers were produced at embrapa clima temperado, pelotas (rs). shortly after the harvest samples were collected to determine levels of starch, sucrose, total soluble carbohydrates and reducing sugars. the remaining tubers were divided into two lots, standardized regarding to size and stored at 4 oc and 20 oc for 33 days, and after this period the same analysis described above were performed. the starch level was poorlyaffeuted by the storage conditions. were levels of reducing sugar and total soluble carbohydrates raised when the tubers were submitted to refrigeration, however with different rates of increment between the genotypes. as for the levels of sucrose, in general, a reduction was observed for both conditions of storage. pérola and clones c-1740-11-94 and c-1786-6-94 showed the lowest accumulation of soluble sugars when stored at low temperature.


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