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Bragantia  2007 

Correla??es entre caracteres de aparência e rendimento e análise de trilha para aparência de batata

DOI: 10.1590/S0006-87052007000300003

Keywords: solanum tuberosum l., indirect selection, direct and indirect effect.

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the objective of this work was to verify correlations between characters of tuber appearance and yield; as well as the influence of tuber appearance components characters on their expression and selection implications. a potato hybrid population of 15 families each one with 60 genotypes. the experiments were conducted in the experimental field of embrapa clima temperado, pelotas, rio grande do sul state, brazil, in fall of 2004 and 2005. tuber appearance was closer correlated with tuber shape, tuber curvature, tuber pointing and tuber eyebrow, in the seedling generation, and with tuber shape and tuber size uniformity, in the first clonal generation. yield was strongly associated with tuber size, tuber number and average tuber weight, in the seedling stage, and with tuber size, tuber number, average tuber weight, tuber flatness and plant vigor, in the first clonal generation. tuber curvature showed to be the most effective trait for indirect selection to improve tuber appearance in both generations. the results suggest that in the seedling stage, tuber pointing should also be considered along with tuber curvature the selection of tuber appearance.


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