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Clave fotográfica para hembras de Haemagogus Williston 1896 (Diptera: Culicidae) de Venezuela, con nuevo registro para el país

Keywords: aedini, arboviruses, conopostegus, morphology, mosquitoes, yellow fever.

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the neotropical genus heamagogus williston includes mosquitoes with diurnal activity and immature breeding on phytotelmata (tree-holes and cut bamboo internodes). haemagogus species have been involved in sylvatic yellow fever transmission, a virus circulating in forest areas in latin america among arboreal primates and marsupials by means of mosquito bite. the genus comprises 28 species, nine of them occurring in venezuela. one of these, haemagogus (comopostegus) clarki, is a new record for this country. we show here an update of the taxonomic status and the geographical distribution of the genus in venezuela and the first photographical key using simple terms for non-expert personnel.


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