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Museologia-Museu e patrim?nio, patrimonializa??o e musealiza??o: ambiência de comunh?o

DOI: 10.1590/S1981-81222012000100004

Keywords: theoretical museology, museology, museum, heritage, patrimonialization, musealization.

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the article presents a part of the research "terms and concepts of museology", subject of specialty language, addressing the theory and practice that represent an area of knowledge, and which is expressed by the scientific communication (context of information/communication). in historical perspective, focuses on the intertwining museology-museum and heritage from the training grounds of the museum, museological field, and heritage. highlights processes of institutionalization of cultural objects (symbolic goods), namely patrimonialization and musealization, and its constructed meanings, over time, legitimizing the actions of 'ownership' of cultural bodies. the theoretical support has involved theoretical studies of museology, communicative theory of terminology, socioterminology, economic theory of fields and symbolic power, law, and information science. the objectives included analyzing the dynamics of creation, redefinition, change of terms/concepts, with results that provide subsidies for documentary language. the methodology developed comparative analysis of sources relating to representations and practices of the museological, heritage and terminological scenarios. the results showed one common basis for interaction between museology and heritage: the image publicizing the need to safeguard the assets for transmission to future generations - preservation, embodied in the sense borrowed from social act on the issue of identity, but whose real face is the practice of symbolic power.


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