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Biomédica  2011 

Evaluación de parámetros seminales no convencionales en individuos cuyas parejas presentan muerte embrionaria temprana recurrente: en busca de un valor de referencia

Keywords: spermatozoa, spontaneous abortion, oxidative stress, chromatin, antioxidants, fertility.

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introduction. previous studies related alterations in non-conventional seminal parameters with recurrent early embryonic death for one couple. a reference standard of clinical assessment is required for the management of these kinds of patients. objective. normal semen parameters were established based on functional tests including lipid peroxidation of sperm membranes, antioxidant capacity of seminal plasma and integrity of sperm chromatin to compare with men whose partners have recurrent early embryonic death. these parameters set reference values to identify subfertile individuals whose condition can be attributed to altered semen parameters. materials and methods. the conventional and non-conventional semen parameters of 47 samples of semen were evaluated. thirty-six samples were from subfertile individuals whose partners had a history of early recurrent embryo death, and 11 samples were from individuals with recent evidence of normal fertility. results. by discriminant analysis, the two groups were classified as follows: a value below 0.50 for 86.1% of individuals in the group of recurrent early embryonic death, and a value above 0.50 to classify 81.8% of individuals in the group of recent fertility. conclusions. this reference value of 0.5 based on the results of sperm tests can identify infertile male patients whose partners have a history of early embryonic death. this will aid the physician to suggest treatments more focused on the possible cause of subfertility.


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