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Variaciones meióticas y evolución cromosómica en insectos y arácnidos con cromosomas holocinéticos

Keywords: holokinetic chromosomes, meiosis, chromosomal evolution, odonata, heteroptera, dysderoidea, buthidae.

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cytogenetic studies in model groups of insects (odonata and heteroptera) and arachnids (dysderoidea and buthidae) with holokinetic chromosomes allowed us to identify differences in autosomes and sex chromosomes meiotic behaviour (pre-or post-reductional meiosis, chiasmatic or achiasmatic meiosis, telokinetic or holokinetic activity). also, we detected differences in the frequency and distribution of chromosomal mutations (fusions, fragmentations and translocations both in homozygosity or heterozygosity) in the karyotype evolution mechanisms.


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