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Aportes de la Cátedra de Genética de la Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias de la UNR a la problemática del mejoramiento ovino, la calidad del fruto en el tomate y la resistencia a herbicidas en el girasol

Keywords: magrario, lean meat, solanum lycopersicum, postharvest life, sunflower, imidazolinones.

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several research projects are developed in animal genetics and plant breeding at facultad ciencias agrarias unr. a new ovine genotype has been obtained by crossing ideal breed to texel breed following by a breeding plan where the objectives were to improve female fertility and lamb growth rate. this new ovine genotype has the trade mark of magrario and now this ovine new genotype is well known to produce lean meat and precocious lambs. regarding solanum lycopersicum species, 18 lines have been obtained introducing genes from a wild relative s. pimpinellifolium. this program included an agonistic-divergent selection to fruit weight and fruit shelf life. molecular markers like as aflp and srap to characterize these new tomato genotypes have been developed. appropriate qtls associated to fruit quality traits were found. moreover, fruit protein profiles - associated to several fruit traits - were also detected. in sunflower the effort is focused on determining resistance to herbicides belonging to the family of imidazolinones (imi) in early stages of the plants. a lot of experience was made through the development of several protocols in vivo and in vitro to detect the resistant, intermediate and susceptible genotypes. root growth variables were useful parameters for the selection of sunflower genotypes differing in imi resistance. this bioassay allowed the implementation of fast, reliable and low cost effective diagnosis method to assist breeding programs. biochemical characterization of resistant process of the genotypes was also made through the quantification of als enzymatic activity.


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