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Detección de anticuerpos séricos contra Toxoplasma gondii (Nicolle y Manceaux, 1909) en llamas (Lama glama Linneaus, 1758) y alpacas (Lama pacos Linneaus, 1758 ) de Chile

DOI: 10.4067/S0301-732X2006000200013

Keywords: toxoplasma gondii, lamas, alpacas.

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sera samples from 113 llamas (lama glama) and 127 alpacas (lama pacos) from the ix and v regions, respectively, of chile were tested for toxoplasma gondii antibodies. the modified agglutination test (mat) was used in both species and titers 1:25 were considered diagnostically significant based in previously published data. sera from 49 lamas (43.3%) and 15 alpacas (11.8%) were positive to t. gondii. percentaje seropositivity in serum dilutions of 1:25, 1:50, 1:500 and 1:5000 was 17.6%; 7.9%; 14.1% and 3.5% in lamas and 0%; 2.3%; 0.7% and 8.6% in alpacas, respectively. the rather low prevalence in alpacas may be associated with geographical conditions, management practices or contacts with cats rather than different species susceptibility. as expected, older animals showed higher reactivity of t. gondii than young animals.


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