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Motricidade  2007 

A rela??o entre a percep??o de competência física, índice de massa corporal e competência efectiva em jovens praticantes de Basquetebol

Keywords: physical aptitude perception, body mass index, basketball.

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the purposes of this study were: (i) explore the relationship between body mass index (bmi) and perceived physical competence (ppc), and/or effective basketball competence (ecb); (ii) understand the relationship between ppc and ecb; and, (iii) establish the sources of information that the young use to define the ppc. a sample of 156 physical education students, with ages ranging from 12 to 18 years (m=14.36; sd=1.76), completed the perception of physical competence subscale (ppcs) and the physical competence source?s subscale (pcss). they also realized a protocol to measure effective competence in basketball. the main results revealed: (i) significant differences between boys and girls, while comparing bmi, with higher mean scores for boys; (ii) higher mean scores of ppc and bec for boys; (iii) significant differences for the following constructs of the pcss: pre-competition anxiety and sport attraction; and, (iv) significant differences between different groups of ages, for parent?s evaluation factor.


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