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Evaluación del efecto protector de 2 inmunógenos de Trichinella. spiralis en ratas Long Evans con modificación nutricional e infectado con Trichinella spiralis

Keywords: immunogen, nutritional modifications, trichinella spiralis.

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the trichinellosis is an endemic zoonotics, cosmopolitan, which is hosted in rats, pigs, and other mammals including humans. the presence of trichinellosis is due to ingestion of insufficiently cooked swine meat. poor countries with low medical resources are mainly affected by the disease. a numbered of immunogen have been characterized 45kda was found to be the immunodominant most effective against t. spiralis, unfortunately a vaccine has not yet been found. malnutrition (dn) effects have been described/detected in lymphatic organs. the immune mechanisms of the host have been altered with dn caloric-proteic (dpc). objetive: the protective effect of two 2 immunogen of t. spiralis was evaluated in long evans rats with nutritional modifications and infected with t. spiralis. methods: eighty long evans rats (30 days old) were divided into two groups a 40 nut with 24% protein and a 40 dn with 12% protein of which eight groups were divided again into the different treatments: a) 10 control rats, b) 10 t. spiralis infected rats, c)10 immunized rats with total soluble antigens (ast), d) 10 immunized with 45 kda of t. spiralis immunogen (one application per week in four dosages), challenged after the first week of immunization, sacrificed after the sixth week of post-infection. evaluation parameters: parasite charge determination using artificial digestion, (d/a), morphological characteristics of the nurse cell were determined by the tissue compression tests. detention to immune response was determined by wb. results: different treatments to treat the nut, dn, immunized and infected rats were obtained by d/a. a significant difference was shown in the ll quantities present in 30 g of muscle. the nut and dn rats control, in ll absence, and in the groups of nut rats, 200 ul of ll were collected, in the dn infected group 400ul of ll were collected, in the nut immunized with ast and infected, 10 ul of ll were collected. meanwhile the rats treated with dn recovered 100 ul of ll.


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