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Evaluacion del albendazol, ivermectina y nitazoxanida en infeccion causada por trichinella spiralis en modelo suino

Keywords: antiparasite, trichinella spiralis, ping model.

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trichinellosis is a zoonotic parasitary disease which is accidentally transmitted to men by ingestion of meat products not well cooked, of infected animals. in mexico the pig is the main source of contamination the applied treatment has been unspecific. the effective treatment for this disease is not truly known. this study is led to know if albendazole (abz), nitazoxanide (nzx) and ivermectin (ivm) are effective in the treatment of intestinal phase (ip) and muscular phase (mp) of trichinellosis. therefore we consider convenient to know what medicament is more effective against the t. spiralis parasite in both phases. 18 york pigs were used, 10 groups were made: 1- healthy control in ip 2- infected control in ip, 3 - infected treated with abz in ip, 4 - infected and treated with ivm in ip, 5 - infected and treated with nzx in ip, 6.-healthy control in mp, 7.- infected control in mp, 8- infected and treated with abz in muscular phase (mp), 9 - infected and treated with ivm in mp, 10 - infected and treated with nzx in mp. the statistic analysis was an experimental design completely by random and a factorial treatment design. concluding that the abz besides being but effective in fi in fm it presents an effectiveness of 100% against the infection.


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