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Effect of a probiotic mixed culture on texture profile and sensory performance of Minas fresh cheese in comparison with the traditional products

Keywords: probiotics, cheese, texture profile, lactobacillus, bifidobacterium.

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the effect of a mixed probiotic culture on instrumental texture, and on sensorial and related properties of minas fresh cheese during refrigerated storage was investigated. three cheese-making trials were prepared: t1, with the traditional type o starter culture (lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis + l. lactis subsp. cremoris), t2 with only lactic acid and t3, with lactic acid and the probiotic abt culture (lactobacillus acidophilus la-5 + bifidobacterium animalisbb-12 + streptococcus thermophilus). instrumental texture profile analysis and related properties were monitored during storage for up to 21 days. lb. acidophilus and b. animalis were present in high levels throughout storage of cheeses t3, above 6 log cfu.g-1, threshold required for probiotic activity, and stimulation of the la-5 growth was observed. cheeses with added probiotic abt culture, as well as those made adding lactic acid only, showed to be less brittle and with more favorable sensorial features, due to higher ph values. results indicated that the use of probiotic abt culture complementary to lactic acid for the purpose of substituting the type o (lc. lactis subsp. lactis + lc. lactis subsp. cremoris) culture, traditionally employed for minas cheese production, is advantageous


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