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Sobre a isomeriza??o do ácido Górlico (C18H30O2)

DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02761942000200001

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the present note describes the results of the investigation concerning the possibility of the isomerization of gorlic acid. gorlic acid has been isolated on 1938 by cole & cardoso (1) and since then a few experiments have been made regarding its particular biological properties. during such researches it was noted a reaction with nitrous acid, similar to that of oleic acid, which has been mencioned on previous paper (6). using the bertram selenium method it has been possible to show that gorlic acid would not change to an isomeric form, i.e., no evidence of ?elaidinization? was found. the reaction with nitous acid can be explained by the impurification due to the presence of oleic acid in a very small amount which could not been removed from gorlic acid.


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