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Numerical Taxonomy of Old World Phlebotominae (Diptera: Psychodidae): 2. Restatement of Classification upon Subgeneric Morphological Characters

DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02761998000600016

Keywords: old world sand flies, psychodidae phlebotominae, numerical taxonomy.

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numerical analyses (correspondence analysis, ascending hierarchical classification, and cladistics) were done with morphological characters of adult phlebotomine sand flies. the resulting classification largely confirms that of classical taxonomy for supra-specific groups from the old world, though the positions of some groups are adjusted. the taxa spelaeophlebotomus theodor 1948, idiophlebotomus quate & fairchild 1961, australophlebotomus theodor 1948 and chinius leng 1987 are notably distinct from other old world groups, particularly from the genus phlebotomus rondani & berté 1840. spelaeomyia theodor 1948 and, in particular, parvidens theodor & mesghali 1964 are clearly separate from sergentomyia fran?a & parrot 1920.


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