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The subgenus Dendromyia theobald: a review with redescriptions of four species (Diptera: Culicidae)

DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02762000000500011

Keywords: wyeomyia, dendromyia, mosquito taxonomy, mosquito, culicidae.

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a morphological study of larval, pupal and adult life stages (including genitalia characters) was performed in order to evaluate the classification of the subgenus dendromyia, genus wyeomyia theobald. six species are included: wy. ypsipola dyar, wy. jocosa (dyar & knab), wy. testei senevet & abonnenc, wy. complosa (dyar), wy. luteoventralis theobald and wy. trifurcata clastrier, the first four of which are redescribed. the descriptions include illustrations of the male and female genitalia, fourth-instar larva and pupa. the result firmly supports dendromyia as a monophyletic group, with well defined characters. keys for the identification of all life stages of species included in dendromyia are provided.


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