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Preliminary Evaluation of the Genetic Relatedness of Three Species of the Subgenus Dendromyia Theobald and Other Species of the Genus Wyeomyia Theobald (Diptera: Culicidae)

DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02761998000200010

Keywords: mosquitoes, wyeomyia , dendromyia , allozyme, genetic identity.

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an eletrophoretic analysis of three species of the subgenus dendromyia (wyeomyia luteoventralis, wy. ypsipola and wy. testei) and three species belonging to different groups in the genus wyeomyia (wy. negrensis, wy. mystes and wy.confusa) was performed. eight enzyme loci were analyzed. high values of genetic identity were detected among the species of the subgenus dendromyia: wy. luteoventralis, wy. ypsipola and wy. testei (mean value 0.63). on the other hand low values of genetic identity were observed among wy. negrensis, wy. mystes and wy. confusa (mean value 0.23), suggesting that they belong, at least, to distinct subgenera within the genus wyeomyia. the upgma phenogram revealed the grouping of the dendromyia species, while the others clustered at lower identity levels.


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