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Isolation and Identification of 9-methylgermacrene-B as the Putative Sex Pheromone of Lutzomyia cruzi (Mangabeira, 1938) (Diptera: Psychodidae)

DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02762002000300030

Keywords: phlebotominae, lutzomyia cruzi, sex pheromone, 9-methylgermacrene -b.

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lutzomyia (lutzomyia) cruzi has been named as a probable vector of leishmania chagasi in corumbá, mato grosso do sul, brazil. taxonomically l. cruzi is closely related to the l. longipalpis species complex. females of l. cruzi and l. longipalpis are morphologically indistinguishable and associated males must be examined carefully to confirm identifications. chemical analysis hexane extracts of male l. cruzi has revealed the presence of a 9-methylgermacrene-b (c16), a homosesquiterpene (mw 218) previously shown to be the sex pheromone of one of the members of the l. longipalpis species complex.


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