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Aquichán  2005 

Programa de vigilancia y control de la piscina del instituto de Ortopedia Infantil Roosevelt

Keywords: rehabilitation, pool, vigilance, control, water.

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the main objective for this project of management was to implement a vigilance and control programme for the swimming pool's area at ?instituto de ortopedia infantil roosevelt' (roosevelt institute for children's orthopaedics), in order to improve the sanitary conditions of water and to avoid the presence and reproduction of pathogen agents in both the swimming pool's area and its users.roosevelt institute is an healthcare services provider located in bogotá, dc -colombia, in which the hydrotherapy is a part of the physiotherapeutic treatment. when it was diagnosed the swimming pool's area, it evidenced a lack of important processes in order to assure the proper hygienic conditions of the swimming pool's water; for this reason there were carried out a series of activities with the main intention of warranting the water's quality and the adequate operation of the swimming pool's area in order to protect the patients, its companions, students, professionals and worker's health. finally, the objective was fulfilled in an very high percentage, and the programme was implemented with an evident commitment and interest out of roosevelt institute.


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