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Aquichán  2005 

Visibilidad de la Escuela de Enfermería en los campos de práctica

Keywords: nursing process, nursing diagnostics, north american nursing diagnostics association (nanda), nursing interventions, nursing interventions classification (nic), nursing outcomes classification (noc), nursing records.

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the real information of diagnosis and interventions done by students and teachers during practice, allows knowing the correlation between academy and assistance, giving feedback to the process of curricular reform, defining diagnostics and nursing interventions in real context, and making visible the role of nursing schools in the practice fields. a descriptive study took place, designed and implemented following up the practice and its system of registry, carried out by students who attend theory - practice subjects, from 2001 to 2004. the format was elaborated, and has validated its contents by teachers of the school. the software sipce was developed (system of information of nursing community-clinic practices) allowing the systematization of data. most frequent nursing diagnostics are presented by gender, age and health situation. it also presents nursing interventions done by students and teachers during practice.


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