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Repensar la Perspectiva Psicosocial Sobre el Género: Contribuciones y Desafíos a Partir de las Identidades Transgénero

DOI: 10.5027/psicoperspectivas-Vol11-Issue2-fulltext-197

Keywords: transgender, sex, gender, identity, social psychology.

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transgender identities pose major challenges to the dominant psychosocial perspective on sex and gender. this paper discusses some of the ways in which transgender identities can challenge the dominant sex/gender logic pervading psy science. in particular, the paper focuses on how these identities allow us to rethink two well-established dichotomies concerning the concept of gender: the sex-gender distinction and the man-woman binary. by using illustrative cases, the analysis draws upon testimonial evidences and material collected from individuals and trans-gender activists from previous research. finally, we present a discussion about the possible implications of the reformulation of these dichotomies for a psychosocial perspective on gender and identity.


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