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Los Jóvenes de Familias Tareferas de los Barrios Periurbanos: ?La Generación del Cambio?

DOI: 10.5027/psicoperspectivas-Vol11-Issue1-fulltext-170

Keywords: young people.

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from the mid-90's in the province of misiones there was generated a process of expulsion of agricultural workers living in the countryside. this population was concentrated in the periurban areas of intermediate cities in the province, and today they depend on the temporary work in the yerba mate harvest ?tarefa- and occasional jobs in town. as part of these processes, young people are the first generation who was socialized in such territories. this study aims to understand and explain the young people contributions to the family reproduction strategies, in the case of families from the suburban areas of the oberá city, whose members work as yerba mate harvesters. in this regard, we observe substantial transformations between current contributions and those young people made when they resided in the country side -generation of their fathers and mothers-, which vary by gender and family types. to assess these processes, we adopt a triangular approach, combining data from a inquest of peri-urban households in oberá and qualitative information from ethnographic fieldworks.


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