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Materias promas lejanas: Explotación de recursos líticos no locales para la confección de micro-raspadores en el centro de Tierra del Fuego: el caso arqueológico Kami

DOI: 10.4067/S0718-22442012000200012

Keywords: hunter-gatherers, raw materials, allochtonous, technological organization, tierra del fuego.

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the objective of this paper is to present the results obtained from the study of a set of micro endscrapers from the kami 1 archaeological site, located on the south shore of fagnano lake. this assemblage presents as an outstanding feature, a high percentage of instruments made in a rock whose origin could be located more than 200 km away from the site. in order to undertake this study, we carried out techno-morphological and functional analysis on these artifacts. it was thus possible to determine the processes of production and use of this series of endscrapers within the operative chain. on the other hand, the analysis of possible supply sources allows us to discuss the role of these resources within the circuits of mobility and exchange of hunter-gatherer societies.


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