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Letras  2007 

El proceso de identidad a través de la anécdota, el recuerdo y la memoria.: (En las obras El exilio del tiempo y Do?a Inés contra el olvido de la Escritora Ana Teresa Torres)

Keywords: identity process, remembrance, memoir.

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this research attempts to study the identity process through the anecdote, the remembrance and the memoir in the works of ana teresa torres el exilio del tiempo y do?a inés contra el olvido. throughout the years, it has been noticed, writers with wonderful and lively pens have emerged and made literature a latin-american boom. the so-called post-modernity has involved a new culture and a political strength in latin-american writers of the 80s and 90s. this new culture is founded on the female figure. in this sense, the theme to be developed throughout this documentary research deals with that seldom mentioned world of latin-american literature: the search for identity by means of the anecdote and the memoir.


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