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El orden socioeconómico del Grupo A de la Baja Nubia (4000 aC - 2800 aC )

Keywords: pastoralism, ecological niches, ethnoarchaeology, lower nubia, a- group.

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the purpose of this paper is to define the socioeconomic order of the a- group in lower nubia. this group's nature has been discussed by several researchers, who tried to define their socio-economical order based upon the information provided by archeological excavations in the region, but they never reached an agreement. different interpretations are partly the product of diverse definitions about sedentism, nomadism, and other concepts, conceptual models commonly used to explain the socioeconomical character of a-group communities. a problem is that these concepts are loosely applied without being clear what is meant by them and what hard evidence supports these models. for this reason, we consider that defining the concepts such as nomadic pastoralism and sedentarism, mainly focusing on the proposals developed by tom dillehay and anatoly khazanov, is a central point for our investigation. furthermore, the approach of different ethnoarchaeological papers is a fundamental methodological tool, because we obtain outstanding information through them which is very important for the development of our research. finally, considering theoretical and methodological tools, we study the archaeological material of the a- group to postulate that this group could have organized itself as a semi- sedentary community, which exploited diverse ecological niches from the lower nubia.


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