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Thermal radiation in combustion systems

DOI: 10.1590/S0100-73861999000300014

Keywords: radiation, participating media, radiative transfer equation, nongray gases, combustion.

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a numerical procedure for solving the nongray radiative transfer equation (rte) in two-dimensional cylindrical participating media is presented. nongray effects are treated by using a narrow-band approach. radiative emission from co, co2, h2o, ch4 and soot is considered. the solution procedure is applied to study radiative heat transfer in a premixed ch4-o2, laminar, flame. temperature, soot and ir-active species molar fraction distributions are allowed to vary in the axial direction of the flame. from the obtained results it is possible to quantify the radiative loss in the flame, as well as the importance of soot radiation as compared to gaseous radiation. since the solution procedure is developed for a two-dimensional cylindrical geometry, it can be applied to other combustion systems such as furnaces, internal combustion engines, liquid and solid propellant combustion.


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