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Can climate shape flight activity patterns of Plebeia remota Hymenoptera, Apidae)?

DOI: 10.1590/S0073-47212012000300004

Keywords: stingless bees, foraging, climatic factors, seasonality, geographic distribution.

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flight activity of foragers of four colonies of plebeia remota (holmberg, 1903) was registered from december 1998 to december 1999, using an automated system (photocells and plc system). the colonies originated from two different regions: cunha, state of s?o paulo, and prudentópolis, state of paraná, brazil. flight activity was influenced by different climatic factors in each season. in the summer, the intensity of the correlations between flight activity and climatic factors was smaller than in the other seasons. during the autumn and winter, solar radiation was the factor that most influenced flight activity, while in the spring, this activity was influenced mainly by temperature. except in the summer, the various climatic factors similarly influenced flight activity of all of the colonies. flight activity was not affected by geographic origin of the colonies. information concerning seasonal differences in flight activity of p. remota will be useful for prediction of geographic distribution scenarios under climatic changes.


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