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Efecto de extractos de Chenopodium album L. sobre los estados larval y adulto de Oryzaephilus surinamensis L. (Coleoptera:Silvanidae)

DOI: 10.4067/S0718-34292011000100008

Keywords: chenopodium album, oryzaephilus surinamensis, secondary metabolites, aqueous extract.

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the present assay was performed in order to evaluate the biological effects of polar and non polar metabolites form the aerial parts of (leaves and inflorescences) chenopodium album l. (white quinoa) on oryzaephilus surinamensis l (coleoptera:silvanidae) feeding. previously dried and grounded plant material was submitted to sequential continuous extraction with petroleum ether and then with methanol, the remaining plant material was finally extracted in batch with water giving rise to the corresponding extracts. 2 g of basic diet were impregnated with 66 mg/ml solutions of ether, methanol or aqueous extracts. petroleum ether, methanol and distilled water were used respectively as control treatments. six treatments were performed in a completely randomized design with four repetitions, analyzing insects behavior and the evolution of the biologic cycle of the resulting larvae. the number of living adults and larvae was determined every seven days. all treatments were evaluated by means of anova, and differences between mean values using tukey's test. (p < 0.05). our results demonstrate that the aqueous extract of c. album was the most effective resulting in the lowest survival, particularly of larvae.


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