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Etnográfica  2012 

Liga??es culturais entre portugueses na Alemanha: o futebol e a gastronomia como espa?os sociais para convívios internacionais

Keywords: portuguese, diaspora, germany, football, gastronomy, cultural attachment.

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the paper examines the ways in which portuguese migrants connect to their country of origin. how do they re-construct or re-invent elements of their (narrated) “culture of origin” in -hamburg and in other parts of northern germany? based on ethnographic material and a quantitative survey, the findings suggest that alongside the decrease in language skills and participation in portuguese associations, many elements which had shaped migrant constructions of portuguese culture in diasporic settings, are losing importance while football identification, consumption and leisure activity seemingly remain important or are even increasing. football provides a privileged space for performances of portuguese belonging and (popular) culture while at the same time being a platform for intercultural encounters. the latter also holds true for portuguese gastronomic establishments, which give space to the development of culinary and linguistically syncretism.


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