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A Institui??o total como agência de produ??o de subjetividade na sociedade disciplinar

DOI: 10.1590/S0103-166X2004000300008

Keywords: total institution, subjectivity, institutional analyses, foucault, michel, gofman, erving.

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goffman's insights about foucault' s analyses can provide a considerable achievement about the subjectivity production processes knowledge in the contemporary society and, mainly at total institutions context, where they are so present. we consider that goffman's institutional analyses is between the macro (molar) and micro spheres of the phenomenon, that happen in closed institutions. he analyzes the non-discoursive practices, and subtlety articulates them, as the daily, apparently insignificant and bizarre "details" from institutional context makes us to realize the intra-institutional relations of microphysics plan, dipping into different strategies in which power itself branches, circulates, dominates and produces knowledges and subjects. we might say that goffman has already introduced the idea of power as a dynamical relation of strategies always achieved at all parts and places. foucault, reveals us how possible are disciplinary institutions and their reasons for emerging. they both are outstanding references to the institutional analyses.


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