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Mudas de melancia produzidas com substrato à base de pó de coco e solu??es nutritivas

DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362012000200026

Keywords: citrullus lanatus, seedlings, nutrition.

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the choice of substrate is one of the most important stages for the seedlings production and must take into account the nutritional requirements of cultivated species. thus, the objective was to evaluate the substrate using coconut dust associated with nutrient solutions to produce seedlings of watermelon. the experiment was carried out at embrapa semi-arid in petrolina, pernambuco state, brazil, in a greenhouse in a completely randomized design with ten replications in a factorial arrangement 2 x 10 (cultivars of watermelon and substrates). the cultivars used were: opara and top gun. the coconut fiber was associated with nutrient solutions as follows: t1= control treatment composed of the commercial organic substrate plantmax? (sc), t2= coconut powder (pc), t3= coconut powder + melon solution (pc+sm), t4= coconut powder + solution of hoagland and arnon 12.5% (12.5% pc+hs), t5= coconut powder + solution of hoagland and arnon 25% (pc+hs 25%), t6= coconut powder + solution of hoagland and arnon 50% (pc+hs 50%), t7= coconut powder + solution of hoagland and arnon 75% (pc+hs 75%), t8= coconut powder + solution of hoagland and arnon 100% (100% pc+hs), t9= coconut powder + aminoagro mol (pc+am), t10= coconut powder aminoagro root (pc+ar). the solutions were applied eight times, 10 ml on each application, since the fourth day after sowing date (das), when the evaluation of seedlings emergence began. at 24 das we evaluated the fresh weight of shoots and roots, root length, number of roots in the upper third and contents of macro and micronutrients in the aboveground part. the cv. top gun presented higher levels of nutrients, except for iron and copper. the treatments t6, t7 and t8 presented levels of nutrients in plants similar to the commercial substrate plantmax. in general, the combinations of coconut dust associated with the nutrient solution of hoagland and arnon at 50, 75 and 100% and aminoagro root proved to be promising for the formation of watermelon seedlings on t


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