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Necessidade histórica e a??o humana em Morte e vida severina

DOI: 10.1590/S0104-59701996000300003

Keywords: epidemiology, literature, greek tragedy, philosophy of history.

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using the essential elements oftragic action described in aristotles poetics, tbe text compares jo?o cabral de melo neto's morte e vida severina to sopbocles oedipus rex witb tbepurpose ofbringing to light tbe tension tbat exists between buman necessity and buman action. it is an eminently epidemiologicalfact tbat draws a link between tbese two works. in morte e vida severina, tbe causa efficiens behind severino's decision to migrate is afamine; in oedipus rex, aplagne afflicting tbe inbabitants ofthebes is tbe event tbat hastens discovery ofking lainss tnie assassin. it is a reflection on tbefinalis and formalis canses behind severino's and oedipus's movements and on tbe essential elements oftragic action tbat allows a transitory falsification or, betterput, a rejection oftbe hypotbesis that morte e vida severina is a tragedy, at least not in aristotelian terms.


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