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Efecto del acibenzolar-s-metil sobre el desarrollo de la virosis causada por potyvirus en tomate de árbol

Keywords: induced resistance, phytotoxicity, solanum betaceum cav., elisa.

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tree tomato virosis has become a major constraint on the production and quality of this fruit in colombia. the effect of resistance inductor acibenzolar-s-methyl- asm (boost?) on virus incidence and severity was tested by applying a 0.08% solution of this commercial product on healthy plants also inoculated with an extract of infected ones. asm applications were carried out every 20 days. the plants treated with the product prior to inoculation showed a 7 day delay in manifesting infection symptoms, and a considerable reduction in disease severity. out of this same group of treatments, the one in which asm was applied twice after inoculation, determined viral incidence to be reduced by 50%, when compared to non-resistance-induced plants (100%). the same incidence pattern was found through the area under the disease progress curve (audpc) procedure. although the potyvirus was detected through a das - elisa test, it showed no significant concentration differences among the treatments.


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