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Surge en mi otra mujer: significados del consumo de alcohol en mujeres mexicanas

DOI: 10.1590/S1414-81452008000400013

Keywords: interpersonal relations, women, alcoholism.

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this descriptive study with a qualitative approach is aimed to try to understand the meanings that mexican women attribute to alcohol consumption. the methodological reference framework was the case study, from the theoretical perspective of symbolic interactionism. ten women participated in this study. data was recollected through semi-structured interviews. the interviews were recorded, transcribed, coded and categorized, based on the analysis of the content analysis. the study revealed that alcohol makes the women become another person the one they really wanted to be> this is mainly the reason why they continued drinking on a regular basis, at increasing levels. in the context of symbolic interactionism, we observed that these women's self was restricted by the daily demands, consolidating a self that responds more to the sociocultural expectatives (me) than to their own (i) expectations. they discovered that alcohol stimulated the expression of their selves , unleashing another person inside them, which normally does not manifest itself


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