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Identification in silico of putative damage responsive elements (DRE) in promoter regions of the yeast genome

DOI: 10.1590/S1415-47572005000500025

Keywords: dna binding site, dna repair, gene promoter, gene regulation, transfac, weight matrix.

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we report an in silico analysis to identify nucleotide sequence motifs in dna repair genes that may define a binding site for regulatory proteins during the induction of those genes by mutagens. the damage responsive elements (dre) weight matrix generated in this analysis was used to search for homologous sequences in the promoter region of all genes, including putative gene and hypothetical open reading frames (orfs), in the saccharomyces genome data base (sgd). the results demonstrated that over one third of the yeast genes in the database presented at least one 15-bp sequence in their promoter region with 85% or more of similarity to the dre consensus sequence. the presence of the dre sequence in the promoter region of regulatory genes and its high similarity to other well reported dna binding sites points to its involvement in the general regulation of not only dna repair genes but yeast genes in general.


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