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Avalia??o de habilidades de linguagem e pessoal-sociais pelo Teste de Denver II em institui??es de educa??o infantil

DOI: 10.1590/S0103-21002005000100008

Keywords: child day-care centers, child rearing, child care, child development, child language.

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supervision and promotion of development are important care given to children enrolled in day-care centers and pre-schools. international and national organisms have systematized strategies to supervise child development but in brazilian day-care centers this action is not well performed. objective: to assess, after a two-year follow-up, personal and social language abilities in a cohort of children enrolled in three day-care centers, in the city of s?o paulo. methods: the sample group consisted of 30 children from 0 to 4 years, of a homogeneous socioeconomic level according to the tool of evaluation of urban poverty level. according to this tool all the families were in the upper level of the assessment. to evaluate the child development was used the denver ii, applied at two different moments, in the first year of follow-up of the cohort and once in the second year. results: in the personal and social areas, a significant improvement difference was observed from the 1st to the 2nd evaluation. in the language area no differences could be observed among the three evaluations, although age had a significant role as 3-year old children presented the worst results. regarding sex, no significant differences were observed in the performance of the two areas. conclusion: it is possible that performance in the personal and social areas has been improved by the day-care center conditions, what didn′t happen in area of language. regarding this area, it could be affected by the adult/child ratio as with children older than 3 years, but further researches are needed inclusive continuity to this cohort.


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