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Educere  2009 

Bernard Charlot y la práctica del saber

Keywords: knowledge, practice, pedagogy, sense, failure, school achievement.

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bernard charlot has thought in a different way about the role of practice and knowledge at school. he, in fact, through revisiting school achievements and not school failure opposes the current postures linked with the transmission of knowledge; for instance, those that consider the transmission as a ?banking? capital or better yet as a finished product that reduces pedagogy to a simple technique of learning. from radically questioning what learning means, bernard charlot is forced to consider knowledge as a process with its own shapes. the student he presents can disappear in objectivation. its schooling process is previewed from the sole angle of trajectory, meaning linear. but seen from the perspective of a construction, the schooling process turns devious in itself by integrating multiple senses, even contradictory or conflictive.


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