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Frónesis  2006 

Internet icono del Postmodernismo

Keywords: internet, postmodernism, modernism, perception, technology.

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in this paper we intend to demonstrate that internet has become a representative symbol of postmodernism, and we attempt a discussion of the relevant characteristics that internet expresses under the optics of that which is understood as postmodernism. through a bibliographical review of different definitions and conceptualizations from modernism, the manner in which internet is identified as an icon of the postmodernism condition is studied. an exhaustive review of diverse authors and different visions and characteristics that identify modernism and postmodernism are compared. by sampling a group of internet users, the perception of the characteristics determine that they identify postmodernism with internet. also, internet is characterized and analyzed from a conceptual perspective. after analyzing the perception of the group of internet users about internet and its characteristics, it is concluded that internet is located within postmodernism and it is possible that internet becomes one of the most significant icons of the postmodernist condition and therefore contributing to the advance that postmodernist condition has had in the multiple aspects of historical reality.


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