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Análisis físico y modelo matemático de la vía aérea Aplicación clínica y posible impacto sobre intubación traqueal

Keywords: difficult airway, tracheal intubation, intubation intratracheal, oral-tracheal articulated catheter, mathematical model.

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objective: to propose a mathematical model of the airway, designed through validation and reliability analysis by clinical measurement in a sample of patients classifed as easy airway, for to standardize the method. material and methods: the proposed model is structured from anatomic relationships between osseous components of the airway and tongue's location, before and during the direct laryngoscope procedure in adult patients. based on previous information, we designed a two-dimensional math-ematical model of the airway and there were estimated probabilities of clinical use. based on previous postulates, we proposed a method to estimate the f number. results: we demonstrated a consistent behavior of the f statistic, derived from clinical measure-ments on individuals classifed as easy airway also were evaluated hypotheses about its possible application in hard intubation processes. conclusions: mathematical model showed an acceptable concordance, when it was compared with the traditional clinical assessment and it demonstrated be reliable to confirm the concept of difficult airway, although poor to rule out it. (acta med colomb 2012; 37: 21-26)


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