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Flutua??o populacional de Rhizoctonia spp. em jardim clonal de Eucalyptus spp

DOI: 10.1590/S0100-41582007000200004

Keywords: epidemiology, eucalyptus, leaf blight, web blight of cuttings.

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leaf blight in shoots of clonal hedges and web blight of cuttings for rooting, caused by rhizoctonia species, may be limiting to the production of eucalyptus seedlings by cuttings. despite their importance, there have been few etiological and epidemiological studies of these diseases. to optimize disease management strategies, this research aimed to evaluate population dynamics of rhizoctonia spp. in soil and eucalyptus cuttings to correlate with disease incidence, and to determine spatial distribution of rhizoctonia spp. inoculum in a clonal nursery of eucalyptus cuttings. population fluctuation of rhizoctonia spp. was detected throughout the year. pathogen distribution in soil was found to have an aggregated pattern. temperature, but not rainfall, was correlated to population levels of rhizoctonia spp in soil samples.


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