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Digital morphometric analysis of the aortic wall in pigs following implantation of dacron-covered stents versus non-covered stents

DOI: 10.1590/S0102-86502004000300006

Keywords: intimal thickness, stainless steel stents, dacron, morphometric analysis.

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purpose: to evaluate, by digital morphometry, the intimal thickening after the placement of two different kinds of stents: polyester covered stainless steel stents (dacron) and non-covered stents implanted in young pigs' infrarenal aortas. methods: the experiment was carried out on two separate groups of pigs. eight polyester-covered stainless steel stents (dacron) and eight stainless steel stents (30-mm long, 8-mm diameter) were deployed through extraperitoneal approach in the normal infrarenal aorta of 16 normolipemic pigs. to allow the passage of the delivery system, a small arteriotomy was performed (phase i). after four weeks, the aorta with the stent was removed en bloc. (phase ii). the values of the hematimetric and lipid analysis did not show any changes that could influence the study. tissue samples of the fixing sites (proximal and distal) of the stents were taken. microscope slices were prepared and submitted to verhoeff's hematoxilin and eosin techniques and sent to morphometric analysis. results: the intima immediately proximal to the device was thicker in the group of covered stents with marginal significance (p=0.054). the distal intimal layer (p=0.185), proximal medial layer of the proximal portion (p=0.141) and distal portion (p=0.375) did not present statistical difference between the two groups. conclusions: patency was 100% in both groups of these normolipemic pigs. after four weeks the intimal layer immediately proximal to the covered stents was ticker when compared to uncovered stents, but this had a borderline significance. the intimal layer distal to covered stents and the media proximal or distal to the devices had similar morphometric features when covered and uncovered stents where compared.


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