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Concordancia inter-observador em testes de avalia??o proprioceptiva do joelho por goniometria

DOI: 10.1590/S1809-29502010000100002

Keywords: arthrometry, articular, kinesthesis, knee joint, proprioception.

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the purpose here was to determine inter-rater agreement in two tests that assess knee proprioception by goniometry, in a sample of 13 female university students (aged 23.8±6.4 years). proprioceptive accuracy was measured by means of the passive movement threshold detection test (t1), where leg is passively moved to target angle, and the sense of joint position test (t2), in which active movement to (previously passively reached) target angle is required. target angles were randomly selected; measurements were taken simultaneously by two (blinded) examiners at two identical goniometers placed at knee medial and lateral sides. when participants reported reaching the target angle, both evaluators recorded angle values actually reached. the difference (in absolute numbers) between target and reached angles was considered the"error value", which reflects proprioceptive acuity. inter-rater agreement was determined by kappa agreement test; kappa values found were 0.55 at t1 and 0.58 at t2, pointing to moderate agreement. since inter-rate agreement was moderate at both tests, it may be said that goniometry is of limited use for assessing knee proprioception.


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