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El currículo y el profesor en la transformación del binomio práctica médica - educación médica

Keywords: teaching, medical practice, education.

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the emergence of a paradigm in medical education based on the previous model is approached, but with a biopsychosocial conception of man and a way of acting that go beyond the cure to make emphasis on the promotion of health and the prevention of diseases, and that is focussed on the training of the wide profile professional within the cuban educational model. an analysis of the transformation occurred in the medical practice-medical education binomial from its origin up to now, as well as of its relationship with the social needs of every time, is made. the relation existing between the curriculum and the standing medical practice model as a ruling element in its conduction, and the succesive transformations in the acting of the professional and its theoretical foundations are assessed. the implementation of the curriculum as the most concrete expression of this relation, and the situations that may interfere in the adequate correspondence of the binomial are analyzed. alternatives are proposed for its conduction, pedagogical preparation and knowledge of the aspiration of the curriculum and of the projection of each subject to attain the proposed professional acting mode.


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