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O jogo como pretexto educativo: educar e educar-se em curso de forma??o em saúde

DOI: 10.1590/S1414-32832007000300021

Keywords: medical education, teaching health, educational game.

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this paper focuses on an educational experiment with the use of a game, which was carried out with freshmen medical students from a public federal education institution. the game was used as a privileged strategy to appraise the students' communication, spontaneity, and sensitivity in the health educational process. through this game it was possible to broach the subject "mental health" to the students, and they have, as a result, expressed their feelings as beginners in a medicine course. this experience has led to the learning of both students and professors, what in a freirean perspective is seen as a dialogic process of mutual formation. its development prompted the rethinking of teaching in health, as well as subsidized the re-orientation of the process of preventing and promoting mental health by means of proposals and supporting programs to students already enrolled in the institution.


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