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Caracterización fisicoquímica y fisiológica del proceso de maduración de plátano Hartón (musa AAB Simmonds) en dos sistemas de producción

Keywords: plantains, musa, respiration, postharvest, organic and chemist agriculture, plátano harton, córdoba, colombia.

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the physical-chemist and physiologic portrayal in the harton plantain ripening process (musa aab simmonds) in the system of organic production and conventional in the cordoba - colombia department, was carried out in the food analysis laboratory of the university of cordoba, in order to establish the differences physical-chemist and physiologic between the system production already mentioned. to reach the objective was used a design completely at random with factorial repair two per five, with two factors that were the production system and the state of ripening. the analysis carried out were physics (resistance, ripening days); chemist (ph, °brix, total and reduction sugar, starch) and physiologic (respiration rate to environmental temperature). the results obtained show that between the treatments (organic and conventional) during the ripening process, were observed signifi cant differences in the variables resistance, °brix, ph, acidity; on the contrary in the variables reduction sugar, total sugar, starch they were a similar behave. the respiration index in organic plantain reached the high climacteric to 14 days and the conventional to 7; indicating that organic present a better behave postharvest facilitating its commercialization.


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