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Interciencia  2004 

Estructura primaria del sistema radical de Coespeletia Cuatrec.

Keywords: botánica, sistema radical, coespeletia.

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the morphology and primary root structure of the species coespeletia cuatrec. that grow in the mountains of piedras blancas and sierra nevada, mérida, venezuela, are shown. the species are coespeletia alba, c. lutesecens, c. moritziana, c. spicata and c. timotensis. the presence of common characters such as monostratified epidermis that is rapidly replaced by the exodermis, presence of secretory cavities associated to the endodermis and the secretory nature of endodermis, were detected. differential characters were detected as well, such as cortex structure, number of primary xylem arcs, and number of cavities occurring opposite the phloem.


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