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Hybrid Algorithm for Common Fixed Points of Uniformly Closed Countable Families of Hemirelatively Nonexpansive Mappings and Applications

DOI: 10.1155/2012/401960

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The authors have obtained the following results: (1) the definition of uniformly closed countable family of nonlinear mappings, (2) strong convergence theorem by the monotone hybrid algorithm for two countable families of hemirelatively nonexpansive mappings in a Banach space with new method of proof, (3) two examples of uniformly closed countable families of nonlinear mappings and applications, (4) an example which is hemirelatively nonexpansive mapping but not weak relatively nonexpansive mapping, and (5) an example which is weak relatively nonexpansive mapping but not relatively nonexpansive mapping. Therefore, the results of this paper improve and extend the results of Plubtieng and Ungchittrakool (2010) and many others.


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