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Path Selection of Multimodal Transport Based on Multi-Objective Mixed Integer Programming

DOI: 10.4236/jtts.2019.94029, PP. 462-473

Keywords: One Belt and One Road, Multi-Objective, Multimodal Transport, Mixed Integer Programming, Path Selection

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Based on “One Belt and One Road”, this paper studies the path selection of multimodal transport by using the method of multi-objective mixed integer programming. Therefore, this paper studies the factors of transportation time, transportation cost and transportation safety performance, and establishes a mathematical model. In addition, the method of multi-objective mixed integer programming is used to comprehensively consider the different emphasis and differences of customers on cargo transportation. Then we use planning tools of Microsoft Excel to solve path selection and to determine whether the chosen path is economical and reliable. Finally, a relatively complex road network is built as an example to verify the accuracy of this planning method.


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