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College Teachers’ Soft Ability Indicator System and Measuring Methods

DOI: 10.4236/jhrss.2019.72017, PP. 277-283

Keywords: College Teachers’ Competency, Soft Ability, Indicator System, Measuring Method

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The concept and features of college teachers’ soft abilities are defined. The features of College Teachers’ Soft Ability are: not easy to train and develop; talent’s deep characteristic; capable of effectively predict high working performance. The method to establish the Soft Ability indicator system is: to be sure about job requirements on hard abilities involving knowledge and technique via college teachers’ job analysis; then to use behavioral event interview to determine the essential condition of soft abilities related to high performance. The method to measure College Teachers’ Soft Abilities in recruitment and selection is to firstly change soft ability as specific work behavior, and then make measurement by methods of employment interview, evaluation and behavior observation.


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